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About Taiko

The word, “Taiko” in Japanese literally means great or wide drum. It refers most commonly to a distinctive form of drumming that has its roots in ancient Japanese culture. But Taiko also describes the art form of modern Japanese drum ensembles, as well as the physical drums used by these groups.

About en Taiko

The “en” in “en Taiko” is probably best translated as “happenstance,” as in the lucky bits of circumstance that bring people together. Even in ancient Japan, Taiko was not just a musical instrument. Taiko played a vital role in strengthening community, whether in the schools, the temples, or throughout the townships. Similarly, en Taiko aspires to create opportunity for strengthening and expanding community. The en Taiko performance group is a young, energetic educational experience that emphasizes the importance of community. Taiko strengthens individuality and creativity within the interplay of a group dynamic. At the same time, the group is strengthened by each member’s commitment to play with heart. The mission of en Taiko is to create a community where participants from various ethnic backgrounds work together to create music, while learning to be open to the cultural traditions of others.


Taiko is about community  One’s own sense of individuality is strengthened and tempered by the interaction with the group and the group is strengthened by the unqualified commitment of the individual to play with heart

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